Past Lives


The main principle of past lives, current lives or future lives is a belief called re-embodiment. The main idea is that, human being is a soul that has a physical existence (incarnation) to study some spiritual lessons. These lessons include virtues such as generosity, tolerance, and compassion. When human beings come back to learn more lessons, they revive.


Several cultures still believe in past lives, while few others do not. In west, it seems almost fictional to have faith in the rebirth of soul living as a human in one life and again rejuvenating as an animal in the next. On the other hand, some people strongly believe in past lives and connections with the karma law. Both, in West and East, there is an accurate interpretation to the outlook of past lives idea and its close relation with Newton’s law of action and reaction.


There are numerous ways to feel past lives such as hypnotism, dreams, psychic readings, relaxation, spirit assisted writing and extrasensory perception. Many people desire to know about their past lives and the common reasons are:


  1. To know better about one’s spirit guides

  2. To lower soul memories such as claustrophobia, altrophobia, and hydrophobia

  3. To learn from past errors

  4. To become more aware of what takes place during death and readying for reincarnation.

  5. To be aware of the between lives period

  6. To be aware of karmic situations

  7. To get rid of psychic blocks

 Knowing One’s Past Life: 

Often, channerlers, sensitives, and clairvoyants, charge money to research the past of a person and tell about his or her past lives. However, there is no guarantee that their guess is right. No one can assure whatever they say is true, rather it is just to take some dollars from visitants. Indeed, they deceive people who visit them to know about their past lives.


Remember, if anyone tells about past lives of people, then they need to be professional in that field. So ensure to check their portfolios before consulting them. Often, some fraud people cheat on others by making up a story that is a complete fiction.

 To avoid this, people can recall themselves to know about their past lives. If people find trouble in recalling themselves, then they can take help of spirit guides available in stores. Read those guides before going to bed. Indeed, past lives are likely to pop up in dreams.

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