Past Life Memories



Past life memories are those memories that get stored in the subconscious mind of individuals. Some individuals are able to see these past life memories and tend to get affected. Past life memories are generally traumatic in nature. These memories convey a message to individuals that some portion of their past life needs healing and hence, they keep on reoccurring.


How do Past Life Memories Occur?


Individuals may experience past life memories in numerous ways. Past life memories may occur in a dream of an individual. Moreover, these dreams contain memories of the individual’s past life. These memories keep haunting an individual by reoccurring in the dreams.


For some individuals, these memories may not occur in a dream. Past life memories occur to individuals when they visit places they have not been to. Yet, these individuals feel that those places are familiar to them. Other cases where past life memories occur to individuals are, when they meet unfamiliar people and think that they know these people for a long time. In both cases, these memories of past life may occur either as a flash of the past or for a long duration.


Memories from the past are also evident when individuals develop unusual fear or phobia about a particular thing, person, or place. In other words, individuals who did not have a phobia or fear of a particular thing suddenly develop fear for that thing. This proves that the individual is getting memories of past life frequently.


Past life memories affect an individual drastically. These memories control an individual’s likes and dislikes, behavior, phobias, relationships, and nearly all other phases of life.


Past life therapists believe that these memories of the past allow individuals to choose their parents, friends, and people whom they want to stay with and even their physical illnesses. Thus, past life memories have a great impact on an individual’s present life.

Individuals with traumatic memories of past life need to get their memories healed. A past life therapist may help do so. Past life therapists take individuals into a trance state where individuals converse the memory to the therapist. Accordingly, the therapist advises these individuals on how to get over these memories and helps treat their fears.


Every individual has memories that are good to think about and cherish while some are haunting. Past life memories are not a means to disturb or haunt an individual but only an indication that a past life event needs healing.

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