Past Life Dreams


Every individual dreams while sleeping. Researchers believe that while sleeping, the subconscious mind of a person opens up to some extent. This process allows individuals to see some events of their past life. Difference between past life dreams and ordinary dreams is that, past life dreams are reoccurring while ordinary dreams keep on changing.


Recognizing Past Life Dreams:


To know whether it is a past life dream, it is important to know and see what is there in the dream. Individuals may try to find out whether they get past life dreams or not by following these steps:


1.   Past life dreams contain historical facts. Individuals need to see in the details of the dream. For instance, individuals may look out for people, places, and things that seem common in present life. If individuals see historic places, people, or things in their dreams, then it means they are in a process of getting into past life. The best evidence for individuals dreaming about their past life is when they see themselves as some other person irrespective of gender, race, nation or religion.


2.   In ordinary dreams, individuals may experience various aspects of their minds. In other words, ordinary dreams are taking place randomly and rapidly. In past life dreams, the minds of individuals store the particular sequence of events of their past life and hence, individuals are unable to change the sequence of events of their past lives.


3.   Past life dreams contain unchanged events. Individuals have the capability of changing things in their dreams. However, with past life dreams, individuals cannot change events no matter how hard they try. These events have taken place in the past life of individuals and they cannot be changed. Hence, the same incidents remain unchanged in the dreams as well. This is also one way to decide whether a dream is a past life dream or an ordinary dream.


4.   Individuals sometimes see dreams in which they are different persons in different fields of life. For instance, an individual who may be an engineer in present life sees a dream where the same individual is a renowned doctor in his/her past life. In other words, in past life dreams, individuals see themselves doing all those things, which they have not learned in present life.


Past life dreams also help in treating individuals of their particular fears in life. Fear of particular things in an individual is related to past life. Past life dreams also help open the gate to spirituality in an individual’s life.

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